Monday, October 7, 2019

In a well-organized Essay, respond to two of the following questions Essay

In a well-organized , respond to two of the following questions - Essay Example The First World War was triggered by both long-term and short-term factors and some of the long-term causes include alliance system1 particularly the long-standing alliances between central powers including Germany and Austria Hungary versus Triple Entente that comprised of Britain, France and Russia. Secondly, World War 1 was caused by imperialism, that is, most European countries wanted to expand their territory and some historian have described this war as an imperialistic struggle.2 Another long-term cause of the First World War is nationalism whereby, there were rivalries between European countries resulting from colonialism. Finally, arms race is also another triggering factor of World War 1 because Britain and Germany had the best navies during that period and so naval rivalry between the two countries played a significant role in the emergence of World War 1. In addition, there were also short-term causes of the First World War and these include Austria-Hungary’s attac k on Serbia among others. World War 1 had political, economic and social consequences, first, it led to the emergence of Versailles Treaty that stated that Germany had to pay reparations and disarm. More so, some countries started fighting for their independence. Economically, it led to worldwide depression, which lasted for years. Socially, it resulted to massive loss of lives, and left many individuals in Europe with home and food among others. The Second World War followed and it was the most widespread conflict that negatively affected the world. 3A number of factors including the Versailles Treaty that had imposed unfair conditions on Germany caused this war and this may have forced them to start the war. Secondly, the weakness of the League of Nations as it was not able to control aggressive actions of the axis powers when England and France embraced the policy of appeasement towards them.

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