Saturday, October 19, 2019

Chocolate's Bittersweet Economy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Chocolate's Bittersweet Economy - Case Study Example Within international perspectives wherein trans-national organizations are at work, the situation may become more difficult as not directly controlling the stakes in various countries or rather at various steps of supply chain absolve most of the international organizations from their true responsibilities and accountabilities. This case study discusses some of the issues and concerns at child labor and how different stakeholders including large international importers of cocoa from Ivory Coast. The relative ethical considerations of each stakeholder and how they are contributing towards achieving the intended objectives of reducing or rather abolishing child labor from Cocoa fields is also discussed at great length. Issues discussed in the case study are diversified in nature and focus on multiple issues to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ethical issues surrounding the cocoa trade in Ivory Coast. Every government has the responsibility and moral obligation to provide basic necessities including clean water, health, education as well as safety of its citizens. The moral obligations of the government therefore require that it must act in a way which can ensure that every citizen has the access to basic and fundamental necessities. Government is a stakeholder in this case because it has to ensure that the children working in the forms are getting proper education as well as access to health. Further, government is also obliged to act on the international legislations barring child labor into the cocoa fields. It is also obligatory for the government to ensure that the taxes that it collects from the cocoa producers are spent on the development of physical infrastructure as well as other facilities such as building schools so that children can go to school besides a general improvement in the standards of living happens. Local suppliers serve as the middle men in this whole cycle and they are the entities which basically coordinate with the

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