Thursday, October 17, 2019

An Organisational and Strategic Analysis of British Airways Essay

An Organisational and Strategic Analysis of British Airways - Essay Example British Airways realises its strong position on the international airlines market, however, its management is also well aware of the constant competition with other companies. Therefore, over the last decade we were able to follow the well-considered steps of the BA management aimed to hold the position of the company and advance it further of the airlines market. Let’s for example, investigate the technical advancement of the company. Realising that currently the market conditions remain for the greater part unchanged the management of BA decided to perfect in the technical perspective. Thus, Strategic Development British Airways began the expansion of the longhaul fleet of the company. The first step in this was the decision of purchase four Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft, which are supposed to make the first flights in early 2009. These technical advances aim to provide better competitive position of the company on the international market / About British Airways, 2007/. However, in this research I’m not going to dwell on the introduction of technical news and expansion of the air fleet of the company. Instead I would like to discuss the changes, which were introduced in the structure, organisation and management of the company, which are aimed to prompt the development and better performance of the company. British Airways realizes the necessity to improve its management and the qualification level of its employees. Therefore, I can say that BA is indeed able to foresee its future needs by identifying the skills and knowledge requirements to each employee and then match need with opportunity. British Airways views the work as a proper occasion to train its employees. In order to provide decent training and enable the employees to learn the company researches and develops new techniques) and seeks to obtain external

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