Thursday, November 7, 2019

Planarian essays

Planarian essays You'll never forget this flatworm once you have looked into its eyes. The planarian seems to be a cross flatworm. It's not very hard to spot these planarians. All you would have to do is shake some pondweeds onto a pan and most likely flatworms will often be released from their hiding places, or you can just turn over stream rocks and look carefully at the rock surfaces. One effective method to collect these flatworms is to put a small piece of canned pet food in an old nylon stocking and secure this bag in streambed overnight and in the morning you may find a collection of your very own flatworms crawling over the bag. Planarians are carnivorous worms. Planarians are known as the worm feeds on daphnias. The planarian will hunt down the prey while enzymes serrated from the mouth soften the tissue. The planarian feeds by using the mouth to suck in the food and the digestion part is later completed inside the planarian cells. The planarians belong to the Phylum Platyhelminthes, and flatworms. Planarians are free-living, which means they are able to find their own food. These freshwater worms seem to have the remarkable ability to regenerate their lost body parts. The planarian lives mostly in lakes, ponds, streams, and other freshwater bodies. What the planarian usually feeds on is decaying meat. The body of this worm is constructed simply of a nervous system that includes a brain, muscles, an internal reproductive system, a blind gut that spreads throughout the body, an excretory system that includes special cells called flame cells. They can respond stimuli, and display the ability to overcome a maze they can also transfer the memory from one worm to another. To keep planarians alive follow these tips. Use only spring water or pond water, not distilled water. Distilled water doesn't contain the minerals and nutrients they need to survive, tap water doesnt work either they don't like chlorine or ...

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