Thursday, November 21, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 31

Assignment Example In the case of Motorola, the site makes explicit reference to the company being a Google firm, also connecting with its customers via the brand cachet of Google and its massive influence in technology and in the decision-making of technology buyers and enthusiasts. The Motorola brand and organization, in this case, leverages the strong brand image of Google among not just that subculture of smart phone users that are heavily into technology in general and in Android and smart phones in general, but also the general mass of consumers who are intimate with Google as both a provider of search and of advertising related to search. Here the Motorola brand makes use of the wide reach of Google through its popular mass media properties too, chief among them YouTube, to also further reinforce its attempt to lure in the mass market customers in different parts of the world. The marketing mix element of price, which is deliberately set low for its mass market phones, is reinforced by its lever aging the Google name in its web pages (Motorola Mobility LLC, 2014). In the case of music marketers like Tower, on the other hand, the key social influences relate to the way the site leverages music icons such as Michael Jackson, who by their stature even post-death constitute a heavy influence on the opinions of music consumers, to lure in a wide demographic of music lovers into its site (, 2014). The literature states that certain products lend themselves to heavier advertising than others, because of various aspects of the product, such as the product’s being new; the complexity factor associated with the product and its features and benefits; the need to highlight differentiating factors of the product; intense competition; the novelty of the product requiring intensive education and explanation; and the product being of wide appeal to many different market segments for different purposes, requiring different advertisements that cater

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