Thursday, March 5, 2020

Local Gov essays

Federal Versus State/Local Gov essays Throughout the Civil Rights Movement, the federal and southern state/local government battled each other on many issues. When the federal government set mandates, often times the southern state/local government had much resistance with complying. The southern state/local government opposed the Civil Rights Movement by non-compliance to federal mandates, refusal to provide adequate protection to civil rights protesters and the abuse of civil rights protesters. There were many situations when the state/local government hindered the flow of the Civil Rights Movement. Instances where the local police force did not do their job occurred. The police force was a branch of the local government and the local polices duty was to protect and serve the community. This oath to serve and protect all did not apply to African Americans. During times of protest, either African Americans received much abuse from police officers or the police officers stood around and watched African Americans be beaten. During the freedom rides, the local government fought against the protests while the federal government protected not necessarily the cause but the citizens involved. Mobs of people attacked the Freedom Riders meanwhile the local government did nothing to protect the riders. They actually encouraged the mobs to beat the Freedom Riders by turning the other cheek when it came to stopping the mobs. Not a single police officer was in sight when the rid ers arrived in Montgomery, Alabama. As a result of this lackadaisical attitude to protect the riders, Robert Kennedy had federal marshals sent into Montgomery . Despite the protection in Montgomery, the Freedom Riders had a much different experience when they entered Mississippi. Local police officers arrested and jailed many of the Freedom Riders subsequently ending their freedom ride. This was an example of how local government hindered the Civil Rights Movement. The Freedo...

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