Monday, February 3, 2020

Composition of fish corkscrew Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Composition of fish corkscrew - Essay Example Symmetry is known to play a vital role in human visual perception and aesthetics1. When all the functional parts of the fish corkscrew are in closed position, the device appears to be almost symmetrical as can be seen from figure 1. Its symmetry is, however, imperfect given the shape of the corkscrew and a section of the knife. One of the elements of the device is the saw-tooth and sharp bladed knife. The knife which is attached to the tail of the fish is made of metal and can be used to cut different objects. The cutting edge of the knife has two sections; a flat blade and a serrated blade that form one unit. The flat section of the cutting blade can be used to cut objects like a razor or ordinary knife does even as the serrated section serves to cut like a saw. The cutting and non-cutting edges of the knife meet in a curve to form a pin point that can be useful in piercing or tearing materials. The knife is attached to the tail of the fish through a hinge so that the knife can be drawn out in case it needs to be used. When not in use, the knife is pushed down and its curved non-cutting edge forms the dorsal fins the fish. At the side of the knife that overlooks the wooden body of the fish, close to the curved edge is a notch that can be used to lift the knife out of its sheath. The tail of the fish is made up of metal. Apart from being the frame upon which the knife is fixed, the tail serves to give the device its characteristic aesthetics and fish shape as can be seen in fig 2. The body of the fish which is made of wood and metal similarly gives the device its characteristic fish-like shape. The body also acts as a sheath that hides the sharp edge of the knife from view when the knife is in closed position. The body also serves to protect the bearer of the knife from harm as it keeps the knife away from immediate contact in case it is not in use. The body of the fish also serves as a hand. The body is so shapes that

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